CS411 2017 Assignments

CS411 2017 Assignments 1

There are two questions in CS411 2017 Assignments 1. This is a graded assignment with total marks of 20. The first question is of 15 marks and the second one is of 5 marks. In question one, you are required to create a Console based application. In this application, you have to write two classes i.e User and Student. Student class must inherit from User class. Both the classes include two data members and their respective member functions. Then in the main program, you have to create an object of Student class and initialize all members by taking input from the user. In the last there are choices if the user enters ‘s’ then entered values should be printed. If the user enters ‘n’ then all inputs should be taken again. And if he enters ‘x’ then program exits.

Here is the drive link to the source code.

Its a .rar file. It says .rar file cannot be previewed so don’t worry. Just download it.

CS411_1 Source Code

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