ASP.NET MVC Application

ASP.NET MVC Application Creation

In this tutorial, (ASP.NET MVC Application) we are going to learn how to create ASP.NET MVC Application web project. We are building a simple web app which adopts the MVC Architecture. In this process, I am using the latest version of Visual Studio.

Download Latest Version of Microsoft Visual Studio 2017.


About Visual Studio IDE

Visual Studio is available in three Editions. Visual Studio Enterprise, Visual Studio Professional and Visual Studio Community. I am using Community Edition of VS 2017 because it is free of cost and offers all features for individual development. You can use either of these editions but you have to buy Enterprise and professional Editions after the trial ends.


Creating First ASP.NET MVC Application

After installing Visual Studio, next step is to create a web app. For this open Visual Studio and click File -> New -> Project. Here you can see ‘Project’ and ‘Web Site’. The main difference between these two is that a project is a package of fully pre-compiled┬álibraries. While a website does not have pre-compiled libraries that’s why they are usually less in size than a project.

  • Step 1: Click File -> New -> Project. ‘New Project’ dialog window will be opened. Here on the left side, you see ‘Recent’, ‘Installed’ and ‘Online’. This section contains all templates that are available to create an application on.
  • Step 2: Under ‘Installed -> Templates -> Visual C#’ then click on web template. Templates related to the web are shown in the middle section. mvc application


  • Step 3: Select ASP.NET Web Application (.NET Framework).
  • Step 4: In the lower section name the project and solution and select location. Your Project Name and solution name can be different. One project can have more than one solutions. Then click ‘OK’.
  • Step 5: After pressing OK in step 4 a new window will appear. In this window .NET 4.5.2 (or the version installed on your system) framework templates are given. Select MVC from templates and click ‘OK’. You can also select ‘Empty’ but then you have to add MVC separately. mvc application


  • Step 6: Wait till Visual Studio creates a fresh ASP.NET MVC Application for you. It will take some time so you can resume your other work. When the application is successfully built then this file hierarchy will be shown in ‘Solution Explorer’. If you do not find Solution Explorer then click on ‘View’ on the toolbar then click ‘ Solution Explorer’. Or use Ctrl + Alt + L short key. mvc application

  • Step 7: Press F5 to run the application in debug mode or Ctrl + F5 to run without debugging. After building the whole project output (ASP.NET home page template) will be shown in a browser. Because till now this the default view of this ASP.NET MVC Application. This project includes several folders and files. Explore them one by one and you will familiar with them.

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